Rev. Jill Cowie
The Call to Ministry
​My call to ministry is to serve a congregation committed to realizing its hopes and visions.    During my first ministry the congregational wanted to deepen its engagement in the areas of pastoral care and music for which the congregation was not adequately staffed.  I worked with the leadership and staff to clarify the job of the music director with improved accountability.  This enabled the congregation to  hire a choir director which attracted new members and inspired leadership.  A growth committee was formed and  we worked together to create a congregation-wide practice of covenanted groups to extend the reach of pastoral care.  Today they are a vibrant congregation and have just bought adjacent property to expand their facility. The second congregation is an after-pastor congregation and after a solid interim the congregation was making the transition to a mission-based church by simplifying the committee structure as defined by the bylaws.  This enabled a more responsive and flexible structure by which members could create pathways of engagement to better realize its awesome mission of welcoming, caring, and serving.  After two years several long-term leaders retired from the board and were replaced by members who desired a less mission-oriented church.  As they gave voice to a different vision, it became clear that I was no longer the leader they needed and I worked with them to help find a minister to best serve them in their new chapter.
Each congregation I have served uniquely embodied three foundational building blocks for sustaining and growing a spiritually engaged faith community.  The first is to nurture the spirit by creating memorable experiences that invite people into relationship with the holy in all of its diversity.  The second is to take the time to care and connect by developing the communal capacity for deep listening, caring, and compassionate communication.  The third is to serve a just world by empowering people to use their gifts in support of and in service to ministries within and beyond the walls of the sanctuary.  A long the way we revitalized worship, made music more accessible, created connections across the generations, and discovered joy in community. All this and more is cultivated in the rich soil of a new ministry, a time that renews trust, builds connections and revitalizes the vision.   A ministry I hope to share with you.