Rev. Jill Cowie
A World of Hurt if ObamaCare is Repealed
Posted on March 17th, 2017

As Congress debates the Administration's replacement for ObamaCare, I think of my sister who  in her testimony at a rally describes the world of hurt she would be in if  health care exchanges were dismantled.  Please call your senator and representative and urge them to protect health care benefits for her and millions of others.

"​I’m Ann, resident in Colorado for 27 years. In 2012 I was diagnosed with tongue cancer. The surgery that removed the tumor also removed the left half of my tongue. Subsequent radiation treatment left ulcers and scars on my throat. In 2014 I suffered a heart attack. As a result of the cancer related procedures, I have difficulty eating, swallowing, and maintaining a healthy weight. I am at risk of aspirating food into my lungs. I can only eat small portions at a time and it takes longer than it would take a normal person.  To maintain my weight, I need to make sure that I get enough calories and that my diet is high in fat and protein. But, my heart condition does not allow me to eat a lot of fat. Therefore, I need to consume twice as much food to get all of my calories.  I basically need to eat many small meals almost continuously over the course of a day.

I also have a speech impediment that has prevented me from returning to my former job. .  A lot of people cannot understand me on the telephone and some can’t in person unless I spell the words. I am not able to talk very long before I lose my voice or my enunciation deteriorates.I generate a lot of thick mucus that most people would swallow and I can’t. Therefore, I have to expectorate periodically. I currently take prescription medications to control my heart condition, my aspiration problem and my phlegm generation. I live on a limited income and am insured through the Colorado Health exchange. If the exchange is repealed, I am in a world of hurt. The cost of my prescriptions would be more than 75% of my income. That does not leave enough money for food and mortgage payments. Both my cancer and heart history could be considered pre-existing conditions, the repeal of the Colorado Health Exchange and the ACA might make me completely uninsurable. I am 60 years old. I still have a lot to contribute to society and without health insurance, I am not sure that can happen."

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